HAIR-EPIL® Cream is a special depilatory for use on the face, legs, body, underarms and sensitive body areas. This fast acting depilatory causes no unpleasant side effects such as skin irritation, etc. It has a pleasant fragrance. HAIR-EPIL® Cream not only removes hair from the surface of the skin, it also opens and widens the hair canals so that the subsequent treatment with HAIR-EPIL® Gel, Balsam, Forte or Premium is more effective.

Care instructions:

In the case of very sensitive skin we recommend leaving the cream to take effect for not longer than 3 minutes. Any bristly hair which remains may be plucked. If the skin shows no reaction the product may be left on for 1 – 2 minutes longer the next time it is used. The treatment may be repeated after a few days without risk of irritation to the skin. Before applying around the mouth area, lips should be protected with a little cold cream. HAIR-EPIL® Cream is applied to the moistened skin using the spatula provided. It should be applied thickly enough to cover the hair well. After allowing 3 minutes to take effect, an attempt should be made to remove the hair with the spatula. If hair comes away, the cream should be removed quickly and not left on the skin for longer than necessary. The skin should be rinsed thoroughly using a soaked cotton wool ball or a facial sponge. Dry the skin carefully with a tissue.


  • Carry out a test for skin tolerance in the crook of the elbow prior to the first application.
  • Do not apply to inflamed or irritated skin.
  • Treatment may not be repeated before 24 hours have elapsed.
  • Use no hot water, products containing alcohol, deodorant or sap directly before or after application.
  • Any cream which accidentally gets into the eyes must be washed out immediately with warm water!

To prevent hair from growing again, HAIR-EPIL® Gel, Balsam, Forte or Premium should be applied immediately after depilation has been completed.

It inhibits hair re-growth and increases the success of depilation! The method of depilation – warm was or cold wax, chemical or physical or electrolysis is irrelevant!

Skin types:

For all skin types !

Content: 75 ml

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