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  • ALGEA long lasting and intensive moisturizing action

  • AMINO ACIDS form the natural moisture retention factors of the skin

  • FRUIT ACIDS e.g. lactic acid, malic acid, glycolic acid, etc.

  • GLYCEROL unit of all fats and oils moisture retention agent with a high water binding capacity

  • UREA moisture binder which has an anti bacterial action and can therefore replace preservatives entirely or for the most part

  • HYAULRONIC ACID natural constituent of the basic substance of human skin with a very high water binding capacity


Is a complex of active ingredients from the cell tissue of young beech shoot (FAGUS SILVATICA). It is manufactured in an involved manner by means of a novel and protected process.

Biostimulins noticeably increase the oxygen consumption of cells.

Biostimulins in cosmetic use have been developed specifically for use in regenerating cosmetics.


Based on pure soya lecithin and cholesterol, liposomes are excellent carriers for encapsulated active ingredients.

Liposomes leave behind a thin film of lipids on the skin and have a stabilizing effect on the lipid barrier in the horny layer. This effect results in a reduction in water loss, which benefits dry skin in particular. Liposomes help to build up and renew the natural lipid layers and are responsible for moisture regulation of the skin. Skin moisture can be increased significantly by application of Liposomes.


A biological plant oil obtained from olive-sized fruits of the SIMMONDSIA CHINESIS bush.

JOJOBA OIL is rich in essential fatty acids, makes the skin supple and velvety soft and acts within the skin. Contains natural vitamin E. Regulates the coating which protects the skin from acids. Has the effect of a long-lasting tan.


Called BEURRE DE KARITE, is obtained from the nuts of the Butyrosperum Parkii tree. SHEA BUTTER is an outstanding natural oiling agent which has a protecting and softening action on the skin. Yet is does not leave behind a greasy shine. SHEA BUTTER has been found to have a distinct sunscreen-aiding effect.


Micro spheres based purely on plants. A special active ingredient an innovation on the cosmetics market is contained in a capsule of algae extracts. The diameters of the particles are visible to the eye.

This form of application brings a number of advantages :

  • the active ingredients are visualized
  • the spheres each individually for itself are a microreservoir in which the active ingredient remains protected to the optimum until the moment of use.
  • has an intensive long-lasting moisturizing action
  • has a positive influence on the micro relief of the skin
  • soothes, relieves, smoothes


Are the new wonder weapons in the fight against skin ageing Twelve different types of these non-toxic fruit acids are known.

The most important are:

GLYCOLLIC ACID from cane sugar, malic acid from apples and pears, citric acid from citrus fruits, tartaric acid from grapes, pyruvic acid from papayas, lactic acid from sour milk.

SALICYLIC ACID is also an effective agent for smoothing the skin.

The acids act in this way:


HYALURONIC ACID is a widespread naturally occurring substance and has been know for 50 years. However, it has been used in cosmetic preparations for only a few years, although the effects of this substance have been known for a long time. Even today, the preparation of pure HYALURONIC ACID is time-consuming and expensive.

HYALURONIC ACID has the exceptional property of holding more water than other currently known naturally occurring or synthetic compounds. HYALURONIC ACID imparts to the skin a clearly detectable sensation of improved smoothness, suppleness and elasticity. The film of hyaluronic acid remains on the skin and in the topmost cell layers. After application of preparations containing hyaluronic acid, surface lines are less visible than before. This property is of high priority for the car of dry skin.


Free radicals are formed by metabolic processes, environmental pollution (OZONE, cigarette smoke, certain medicaments, alcohol, UV rays, nitrogen dioxide) and rapidly multiply by a chain reaction.

Superoxide radicals (O2-) hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and the hydroxyl radical (OH-) are regarded as the most important atomic groups which are responsible for cytotoxic changes of enzymes and of nucleic acids and for peroxidation of lipids. Such changes damage cell membranes and lead to ageing of the skin.

The organism develops protective enzymes which have the tasks of preventing intensive multiplication of these oxidizing radicals and of reducing their damaging activity.

However, physiological and environmental influences can inhibit this natural protection. The known visible changes to the skin occur, which often bring with them deterioration in the quality of life. It therefore lies in the interests of the cosmetic chemist to test antioxidants when formulating products for rejuvenation the skin, especially those of natural origin, with the aim of reducing the formation of free radicals.

ANTI-AGEING-COMPLEX is a balanced combination of natural antioxidants developed for skin care agents the synergistic effect of which allows premature ageing of the skin to be controlled and hence the most conspicuous features to be reduced.

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